10 Essential Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

hire a social media manager
20 November 2020

Managing social media is probably one of the most (if not the most) time-consuming tasks any business owner has on their plate. Yet it’s so important in this day and age to have an online presence that it can’t be overlooked. If you want your business to have a successful social media presence then having a social media manager is something you’ll absolutely want to do.

11 essential reasons to hire a social media manager:

  1. Social Media is an ever-changing machine.
  2. Social Media is best executed by an expert.
  3. Strategy is key.
  4. Post-Type Knowledge.
  5. Platform Knowledge.
  6. Data Analysis.
  7. Social Media is Time Consuming.
  8. Boost Brand Awareness and Authority.
  9. Consistency in Social Content.
  10. Save Money.

I’ve elaborated on each of these reasons below to really give you the inside track on what a social media manager can do for you and your business. There are now over four billion people on social, including more than 450,000 new users in the past 12 months.1 The average amount of time per day spent using social media is 2H 24M and 97% of internet users reported using a social network or messaging service in the past month.2

If that isn’t incentive enough then heres a few apt words from Bill Gates himself;

“If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business”

Bill gates, Founder of Microsoft
  1. Social Media is an ever-changing machine. Unless you are superman/superwoman then trying to keep up with the changes on the various platforms is nearly a full-time role in itself. “Resting on their laurels” is not a phrase that you hear very often in relation to any of these platforms. Any social media manager worth their salt will keep up with the latest changes and be adjusting strategies and tactics where necessary so you can rest easy (on your laurels).
  2. Social Media is best executed by an expert. Whether a social media manager has a degree or gained all their experience online or perhaps both, doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that they have gained the expertise to know what they are doing. Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it and with social media, it’s no different.
  3. Strategy is key. Every social media plan should start with a strategy. You need to know what your overall objective is and what your plan is to get there.
  4. Post-Type Knowledge. There are a lot of different post types and by this, I don’t mean a Facebook post or a Twitter post. No, I mean an educational post, a fun post, an invitational post, an engagement post, and so on. There is room and requirement for all the posts but a good social media manager will know where and when to post each type to get you closer to your objectives no matter what they might be.
  5. Platform Knowledge. Depending on your business your platform requirements will be different. Your social media manager will be able to guide you as to which platforms you need to be present on and which platforms you don’t.
  6. Data Analysis. You don’t need to get bogged down in all the data surrounding your platform analytics because there is a lot and it can be mind-boggling. Your social media manager will be able to amalgamate the data for you and report back on what is working and what is not on a regular basis. Whether you want this to be weekly, fortnightly or monthly is up to you.
  7. Social Media is Time Consuming. A social media manager will be more efficient at getting social media work done. They know what they’re doing and can do it better and faster.
  8. Boost Brand Awareness and Authority. Let a social media manager create a strategy and implement it to really get noticed. With people spending more and more time on social media it’s where they will see your brand and really get to know your products and services and keep them front of mind. A social media manager can interact with your customers on social media, remove spam comments, respond to questions, and engage with potential customers and help your brand gain a favorable online reputation.
  9. Consistency in Social Content. We’re back to the importance of having a strategy again. But consistency will always be key with social media – consistency of posting content and consistency of voice all contribute to your brand awareness and recognition.
  10. Save Money. If you’re going down the paid advertising route on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram then you’ll want a social media manager to execute these ads in order to maximize your ROI. Social advertising can be one of the most effective forms of advertising and most affordable too. If you’re only interested in organic growth then remember – time is money!


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